Where do we come from?

Even the Romans used our region for vineyard-cultivation. Its traces are preserved until today. After Kallstadt´s foundation these traditions have been re-activated and maintained for hundreds of years. A cultural countryside has grown.

Since the 15th century a lion is the landmark of the village. We invite you to taste our wines within the exceptional atmosphere of this highly traditional place.

Committed to tradition

The winemaker family Schuster, which founded the today´s estate in 1841, decided for the "Kallstadter Lion" as their emblem and placed it on the estate label.
Under this sign the estate prospered to its today´s size. It trusted in the prestigious countryside – a committing tradition which will be continued by the new owners.


In September 2010 the family Dr. Ana and Reinfried Pohl jr. took over the traditional enterprise. With a clear commitment to the special characteristics of the single vineyards the new estate fits perfectly into the old landscape: it was named after the historical location "Nil", which is part of the "Kallstadter Saumagen" (cultivation site in the German Pfalz) today.